Free Predictive Maintenance Readiness Assessment with Boon Logic


Are your facilities and your assets ready for AI-based prediction?

As part of an overview of Boon Logic's Amber platform, we will provide you with expert data science resources who have been delivering AI-based predictive maintenance solutions.

The assessment includes:

  • An initial discovery meeting which covers a review of your:
    • Current environment, business challenges, and operational structure.
    • Key assets, monitoring and management systems, and current impact of failures or downtime.
    • Financial impact review.
  • An analysis of what we have learned from our data science, engineering, and business teams.
  • Deliverables:
    • A review of your business case with the appropriate stakeholders.
    • A determination of the equipment supporting your highest ROI.
    • A comprehensive evaluation of your facility's digital maturity and readiness to support an AI-based predictive maintenance solution.
    • And any additional recommendations.
The best part? We commit to a 5 Business Day turnaround following the initial meeting.

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